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WITH the McCarthy Group planning to import vehicles from China next year, a number of readers have phoned TygerBurger Motoring with regards as to where other imported makes originate from.
To start with vehicles currently imported from the East not small players in the market place, the majority such as the Indian Tata and Mahrinder coming from auto manufacturing plants which have been around for decades.
They enjoy backing from industrial giants which are already well established in other fields.
Volkswagen recently announced that they would be importing their subsidiary Spanish make Seat into South Africa, a respected marque which has been around Europe for ages, although originally built under licence by Fiat for close to fifty years.
The Malaysian Proton is another brand that has spread its wings over a period of time, more so in Australia and the Far East, where the company also has ownership of Lotus and MV Augusta motorcycles amongst its credentials.
Korean auto manufacturers Hyundai and Kia have gone from strength to strength in a short time, the latter having had their Rio model nominated for the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists Car of the Year 2006 competition and gone extremely close in the final ballot.
Looking into the future, and Chinese vehicles in particular, perhaps the biggest worry will be the pronunciation of their names, some of those on the short list are, Honqi a luxury sedan used by Oriental businessmen, the Changfeng a stylish off-roader, Fengshang Landwind compact minivan and the ChangAn Driving Wind, another sports type off-roader estate.

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