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C-NCAP to be made safer

Article from China Car Times:
C-NCAP, the Chinese body responsible for testing the safety of cars in China has yet again smashed up another round of cars in the name of improving safety in the Middle Kingdom. This round is the second batch of cars to meet their maker in the smasher this year

From its establishment several years ago till now, C-NCAP has tested over 104 different models of Chinese produced vehicles, and from this year will also add imported models to its testing tables. After taking pointers from various peoples and organizations within the automobile industry, C-NCAP are planning to improve their testing procedures again and will begin to test the crash worthiness of car rear ends and also baby seats. C-NCAP are also open to suggestions for 2012 testing procedures from both domestic and foreign professionals, and are planning to make Chinese crash testing regulations much stronger in the future.

In the latest round of testings the following cars were tested and awarded stars:

Dongfeng-Nissan Bluebird – 4 stars
FAW-Besturn B50 – 4 stars
Dongfeng-Kia Forte – 5 stars
Roewe 350 – 5 stars
Beijing Hyundai i30 – 4 stars
FAW-VW Golf – 5 stars
Dongfeng-Citroen C5 – 5 stars
The obvious winner here appears to be the recently launched Roewe 350, which was designed in house by SAIC and does not rely on any bought in technology such as the Besturn B50 which is based on the last generation of Mazda6. The Golf and the C5 will no doubt benefit from the safety recognition that they have been given and will continue to do well in the sales. Pictures of the crash tests have not yet been released, but will be available on CCT over the next few days.
Good. That will show those uneducated westerners and ******** on Youtube. I really want China to show thw world what their manufacturing industries are capable of and prove the West wrong about safety and refinement.
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