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There is the minor issue that modifying cars in china is illegal! Of course people still do it, and quite rightly, but every now and then there is a clampdown and all the people either stay at home or try to tone down the look of the car for a while.

bringing cars in is difficult, but i think if you are embassy staff then things are different

people to talk to about running tuned cars in china include , chinalewis (on this forum, look in the motorsport posts) and rob at .

I used to run a chinese car with a pair of weber carbs, hi lift cam etc. but I'm back in england now. you can see some footage of track days at the shanghai tianma circuit on

there is a circuit in beijing do a search for beijing goldenport circuit, i've never been there but I understand it's quite good.

if you are a vw audi fan, then probably your simplest choice is a vw bora 1.8T (its based on the mk4, now obsolete elsewhere but I think its still in production in china) fairly mild changes will see these making 250hp. the problem is that nearly all the engine tuning stuff comes in from outside of china, either in your suitcase, or else you pay double what you would in the usa by the time you paid shipping, duty and the importing/sales guys.

problem for most foreigners is the short termism - it's difficult to justify throwing time and money at the car when you are expecting to be going home in a year and not planning to take it with you. takes some dedication.....
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