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Ningbo Ji Jiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was originally founded in 1983, the second vehicle plant in Ningbo, May 23, 1997 officially changed its name. Company is located in Ningbo Yinzhou Investment Center, the state designated bus manufacturer, is a member of the company through the Ministry of Communications in the unit, the Ministry of Communications Bus Association, and the Ministry of Construction Committee of Experts member of City Vehicles.

The company has stamping, welding, machining, acid phosphate, heating oil paint room, far infrared drying and vehicle performance test line and other advanced technologies and equipment, professional production of various types of passenger cars and modified cars, products include 6m to 12m various types of tourist buses, long-distance bus, city bus, hybrid bus, the four dozen products Frontal and modification of special purpose bus, such as the naval air navigation vehicles, air defense command vehicles and other military vehicles. Products include electric vehicles, electric buses, sightseeing car, electric truck, electric mini-cars, electric buses, electric jeep, et.

China Aerospace Corporation and China high-tech Co., Ltd. Beijing Long days, Tsinghua University, Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and other research institutes work closely with the formation of a strong system research and development capabilities. And passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and 3C certification state first, and the practical application of advanced management methods to raise the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

Yoshie paying attention to research and develop the domestic market, while also actively explore the international market, participate in international competition. Has with Pakistan, India, Syria, Peru and other dealers to establish a wide range of contacts for further development of the international market and lay a good foundation. With efficient management, complete and scientific quality management system and perfect marketing network, won the unanimous endorsement of the industry. Welcome all the friends come to visit our company, guidance and business negotiation.




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