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  • Hefei, China
  • 16,950 acres (68,594,183.46 square meters)
  • $7.724 billion (RMB 50 billion) in investments for the first phase, it will be divided into three main areas: smart manufacturing, research and development, and living area, with an eco-park for the employees and visitors
  • Expects to attract 10,000 R&D personnel and 40,000 technical workers
  • Production capacity of 1 million EVs and 100 GWh in battery packs per year
  • Construction began on April 29, and it should take 337 days for the first phase to be ready
Water Water resources Ecoregion Building Natural landscape

Sky Fixture Building Plant Facade

Sky Property Land lot Urban design Landscape

Nio Will Have A Massive Plant And R&D Center Called NeoPark
NeoPark Officially Kicks Off
61 - 73 of 73 Posts