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Nissan Arizon EV Concept Is A Futuristic SUV Designed For China | Carscoops

Nissan’s stand at the Shanghai Auto Show this year includes a new fully electric SUV concept which is called the Arizon. The new concept was developed in China with local customers in mind and could evolve into a production model for the world’s largest automotive market.
The Nissan Arizon concept appears to be similar in size to the ICE-powered Qashqai, but it adopts a more futuristic and rugged styling. Exterior highlights include the muscular bodywork, the pillarless windows, the integrated roof rails, and the diagonal LED patterns on the full-width lighting units.
The Arizon sports a generous ground clearance, combined with aluminum-style skid plates, boxy wheel arches, and a futuristic set of wheels and tires that are fitting to a concept. Inside the five-seater cabin, which is accessed by the large suicide doors, we find a yoke steering wheel, plenty of touch-sensitive areas, a digital cockpit with a single wide screen, and an auto-dimming glass roof.
Nissan says that the Arizon was created by a Chinese team with local drivers in mind and a human-centric approach. Following the technology trends of our time, the concept has a virtual personal assistant called Eporo which interacts with passengers providing information about the weather and other stuff. Another cool feature is the ambient lighting which recognizes people and automatically adapts to their preferences, choosing among the leisure, relax, sleep, and surprise modes.
The concept rides on the CMF-EV architecture which is also used by the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Megane E-Tech. The automaker didn’t reveal the specifications other than saying it has a low center of gravity. However, the platform is compatible with single and dual electric motors, producing up to 389 hp (290 kW / 394 PS) in the Ariya e-4ORCE which comes with an 87 kWh battery pack.
The automaker has pledged to launch 27 new electrified models by 2030, including 19 BEVs. It remains to be seen if a production version of the Arizon will be one of them. Nissan also showed the Max-Out electric roadster concept which debuted in digital form back in 2021 and stepped into reality earlier this year. Finally, the X-Trail e-Power production model with a self-charging hybrid powertrain made its local debut in Shanghai, alongside the start of pre-sales in China.
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