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Hello, there is no such thing as a 'Mallima'-312. The Japanese website is wrong. It is most definitely called a Chollima-321 see here 'chollima-321'

Kim Jong Un's visit, the plaque clearly says Chollima-321
The Japanese website claims only the pre-production model was called Chollima-321, inspected by Kim Jong Un at the time, which matches with your picture, whereas the production model was named Mallima-312.
Do you have an estimate date of the article on PYtimes?

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Part of the Sungri factory is now in use by a Chinese-Korean joint venture named Tokchon Auto Joint Venture Co. Ltd. At the Pyongyang Fair the whole production program/plans were shown, starting from 3 ton trucks, via 5 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton, to 20, 30 ton. This article confirms that the production has started with the 5 ton truck. The trucks bear the name Sungri. From the air it is clear that part of the factory complex is now painted blue, and that factory halls are restored. It seems like a new start.
Would love to see this "Sungrisan Revolutionary Museum"!

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The 5-ton Sungri is definitely locally assembled and is already a local pride. The Howo L2s too. But the heavier series appear to be just Chinese rebadgings, at least judging by the photos in the ads. You will notice red and white coloring on the sides of the truck and 3M reflective stickers which are required by law in China on commercial vehicles.

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BAIC/BAW is, at their fairly new Huanghua plant. See 5th and 6th paragraphs.

As I said earlier, PMC would be unlikely to have a stamping facility; it is little more than an SKD facility with perhaps minimal assembly capabilities, because even CKD facilities require sizable investment. High local-content assembly plants, even full-fledged manufacturing plants of major automakers, usually do not make so many models concurrently as PMC claims to be selling. Only SKD plants are capable of churning out numerous models at the same time because the work on each car is not very intensive - mainly limited to fitting wheels, batteries, glass, wipers and such. (refer Avtotor in Russia or Azia Avto in Kazakhstan)

BAIC's Huanghua plant is a complete unit with a press shop; the altered panels are very likely stamped there itself although they would need to invest in 3-4 new dies.

As for why it is not sold in China, who knows? Perhaps because it is a special export model. There have been such instances in automotive history. The Toyota Zelas is not sold in Japan. India did not get the Nissan Pixo by Suzuki despite local production.

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Update Number III
List of Pyonghwa re-badged Chinese vehicles:

Hwiparam 1504 is Brilliance FSV (also named Hwiparam III)
Hwiparam 1516 is FAW Oley
Hwiparam 1518 is Brilliance H330
Hwiparam 1607 is FAW-Volkswagen Jetta old model
Hwiparam 1610 is FAW Besturn B50 old model
Hwiparam 1613 is FAW-Volkswagen Jetta NF
Hwiparam 2005 is Brilliance Zunchi
Hwiparam 2009 is FAW Besturn B90
Ppeokkugi 1507 is Great Wall C20R
Ppeokkugi 1509 is FAW Senya S80
Ppeokkugi 1515 is Beijing E150
Ppeokkugi 2008 is Beijing Jeep Zhanqi BJ2024
Ppeokkugi 2013 is FAW Besturn X80
Ppeokkugi 2015 is Great Wall Haval H5-T
Ppeokkugi 2019 is Great Wall Haval
Ppeokkugi 2021 is Great Wall Haval
Ppeokkugi 2405 is Huanghai CUV Landscape (also named Ppeokkugi Premio)
Ppeokkugi 2406 is Great Wall Haval H5-E
Ppeokkugi 2417 is Leopaard Heijingang Q6
Samcheonri 0102 is Jinbei Hi Ace (van) (also named Samchonri I)
Samcheonri 0107 is King Long Haishe High Roof (van)
Samcheonri 0606 is King Long Haishe High Roof (ambulance)
Samcheonri 0708 is FAW Jiabao V52 7 sts
Samcheonri 0711 is FAW Jiabao V80 7 sts
Samcheonri 0713 is JAC Refine M5
Samcheonri 0808 is FAW Jiabao V52 8 sts
Samcheonri 0901 is Jinbei Haishi
Samcheonri 0903 is Jinbei Haishi
Samcheonri 0904 is King Long Haishe 9 sts
Samcheonri 1105 is King Long Haishe 11 sts
Samchun 2103 is Jinbei
Changjeon 0208 is Huanghai Bus
Changjeon 1610 is Maxus V80
Changjeon 1703 is King Long Kingo 17 sts
Changjeon 1902 is Toyota Coaster type bus
Changjeon 2103 is King Long Kingo 21 sts
Changjeon 2302 is King Long 23 sts Coach
Changjeon 3001 is King Long 30 sts Coach
Changjeon 3019 is Higer KLQ6758
Zunma 1606 is FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar
Zunma 1811 is FAW Besturn B70 (?)
Zunma 2008 is FAW-Volkswagen CC
Ssangma 0104 is Huanghai Plutus
Ssangma 0108 is Beijing Jeep Zhanqi (dc) BJ2032
Ssangma 0109 is Huanghai N2 4x2 RWD
Ssangma 0110 is Huanghai N2 4x4
Ssangma 0201 is FAW Xiao Jiefang
Ssangma 0202 is Jinbei 2ton truck (dc) or FAW Xiao Jiefang (?)
Ssangma 0303 is Jinbei 3 ton truck (van) or FAW XIao Jiefang (?)
Ssangma 0304 is Jinbei 3 ton truck (box) or FAW Xiao Jiefang (?)
Ssangma 0314 is Dongfeng Duolika (dc)
Ssangma 0505 is FAW Jiefang Hu V 5 ton truck (open)
Ssangma 1006 is FAW Jiefang Junwei J5K 10 ton truck (open)
Ssangma 2008 is FAW Jiefang J6 20 ton truck (dumper) (also named Pyongun Chonmalli 20 ton)
Rungnado 5101 is Huanghai bus

Missing: (other cars with Pyonghwa logo)
Polarsun Hi Ace
Beijing BJ40 (Ppeokkugi)
FAW Besturn New B50
FAW Junpai A70
FAW Toyota Corolla
BYD F3 Classic
BYD Surui
BYD Qin Pro
Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy/Sentra
Dongfeng Nissan Teana
Lifan 820
Lada XRay

Note from dmitra as mod: This is the latest version of the list; all similar previous posts have been merged with Erik's consent.
some may be show cars: ie, not gonna be produced.

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I was surprised by seeing this picture made by mr. Klein in 2007.
The Benz: big wheels, high ground clearance, parts missing... Looks like a Benz W123 body with another, real chassis.. What we saw in China with bodies on a Beijing Jeep chassis. What do you think?
like the bamin trucks? edit: nope, am wrong. should read stuff more before posting.

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Hello everyone. I just joined the forum. I found this rebadged Toyota Avensis / Corolla recent model. 'Sombritude' user from NKrecognition claims it's a Pyeonghwa Hwiparam 1622:


In that very same forum I finally found a real-life picture of the Pyeongwha Zunma 2008, which I had only seen in renders until today, with diplomatic plates:


And also, a strong proof of the badge engineering: a Volkswagen Sagitar with red plates awaiting the Pyeonghwa badges:


Sources are: Hwiparam 1622 (rebadged FAW-Toyota Corolla E170, 1.6L) | Automotive research of North Korea, Junma 2008 (rebadged FAW-Volkswagen Magotan B7, 2.0L) | Automotive research of North Korea and Junma 1606 (rebadged FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar, 1.6L) | Automotive research of North Korea

Can anyone tell whether FAW finally built that factory in Hyesan for the Naenara range? Or how does DPRK build cars nowadays - apart from the Pyeonghwa factory? No news since 2018 (if there are, I have not been able to read them).


EDIT: Erik replied via MP. The FAW factory in Hyesan seems not to be operative yet as of today, but the idea is to assemble FAW cars there, as discussed back in 2011.

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Some observations, the plate you call diplomatic on the Magotan with Pyonghwa badge is simply a regular post-late 2016 Pyongyang registration and the red plate is for foreign deputies and enterprises. The rebadged Corolla is one of the latest observed models shown at the last ever Pyongyang Trade Fair that took place in 2019. The 2020 trade fair was postponed and it ended up not taking place at all. (The Avensis is a different model than the Corolla by the way, but most late-gen Toyotas are boringly similar. :)) As you might have read in news, the country is heavily sanctioned from trading, then the COVID outbreak happened and the borders closed and most imports stopped taking place and no new local automobiles were observed since then. Only rebodied buses, rebodied trolleybuses, a rebodied funicular train, rebodied old Tatra trains and a Red Flag locomotive that also looks to have been rebodied from an old Skoda clone.

If there are any post 2020 automobiles around they have not been promoted in any state approved media so far, as least from what I know. The country is officially preparing for another famine era so it's highly unlikely the automobile factories are opening back any soon but the trade with China is expected to return at some point in the future.

P.S: that forum is my database, you can comment there directly if you have any questions. But I'm sure Erik has told you more in detail about all these rebadged Chinese imports and the dying North Korean automobile industry at the moment.
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