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I should say u r brave to try chery.I am planning to buy a car for my family, I am driving new nissan sentra 1.6 manual. In fact I test drive it in Autocity before, and my impression is that the car is very very easy to drive, and acceleration also quite good as compared to my current car. At the same day i test drive myvi manual, I myself when driving myvi, not smooth when changing gear, but driving A160 just smooth.

Second time in kl , test drive a160 at kl, with my family. When me, father, mother 3 persons sit behind, SA and my brother in front, think should close to 450kg inside the car, the car seems didn't sink from the image of the mirror, damn strong the suspension. and the SA driving at 20km/h at 3rd gear, car is very smooth and he can use 3rd gear to make u smooth u turn, is abit unbelieveble for me, my car definitely can't do that, accelaration quite good under heavy lod, is consider quite, comfortable when travelling on the rough and uneven road. if I evaluate the car on the road performance with sentra standard, i will say it definitely passing, i am satisfy. my brother who never drive big car, all the way driving kancil, when test drive this car, he also said that the car is very easy to drive.

But again, not sure whether is reliable or not,no one in malaysia can tell how reliable or problem free of the car, though got 2 years free maintenance. i dare not to take the risk if later find that the car is giving problem after 2 years and always send the car to SC and from chinese forum, this car FC is not very good also, may be not almost same with korean car. so at the end still searching a suitable car
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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