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Couple of news items. Probably best keep it on the track guys.

(I got these from by the way)

Police clamp down on expressway drag races
Shanghai Daily 2006-04-27

SHANGHAI police fanned out along elevated roads around the city for
four hours last night in a surprise crackdown on drag racing, which
has become an increasing prevalent problem among young drivers.

Police say traffic cameras frequently capture images of motorcycles
and souped-up cars dragging along elevated roads. But most drivers
use fake license plates when racing so camera images rarely lead to

Most of the racing takes place late at night or early in the morning
when there are few vehicles on the roads, police said. They added,
however, that some drivers prefer to race around noon, assuming
there will be few police on the streets as shifts are changing or
officers are having lunch.

"We must take timely actions to stop this illegal activity when it
has just begun to become popular," said Guo Ji, an officer with
local elevated road traffic police.

Some drag racers have even taken to the Internet to brag about their

After CCTV broadcast a report recently about the prevalence of
racing in Beijing, some devoted underground racers in Shanghai
posted messages on the Web, calling on drivers to promote drag
racing in the city.

One poster stated: "In no way should Shanghai have weaker drag-
racing groups than Beijing does."

Guo said the races pose a huge risk to everyone on the road as cars
often hit speeds of 150 kilometers an hour, and motorcycles zip by
at 120 kph or faster.

Police said the activity tends to attract more motorcycle riders
than car owners. Motorcycles aren't allowed on elevated roads, but
that doesn't seem to deter the racers.

Police said the most of the racing vehicles were souped up with more
powerful engines and exhaust system.

"Nearly all the racers put on a fake license plate, leaving us
almost no clue from electronic cameras that could possibly capture
the vehicle plate number," said Guo.

On several occasions police have tried to stop racers only to watch
them speed off, paying no attention to the officers. Police
sometimes find themselves chasing both cars in a race, which often
split up to make capture more difficult.

"For a single patrolling officer, it's difficult to catch both the
racers in the chase. In a case last year, one of the motorists even
sped over three road blocks before he was finally seized." Guo said.

A traffic police officer, Ding Jianzhong, suffered injured knees
when trying to grab a racing motorist on Huqingping Overpass last
summer. The vehicle hit his knees when the motorist tried to escape.

Once caught, racers will generally lose their licenses and police
will detain their vehicles.

A refitted Sail drove more than 150 kilometers an hour and crashed
into a guard rail on the Middle Ring Road near Yixian Road last
July. Rescuers had to cut the injured driver and his female friend
out of the twisted wreckage.

Police suspected the car was engaged in a drag race, but the driver
denied that charge.


Motorcyclist bursts through blockade

Shanghai Daily Newspaper

THE only vehicle owner spotted racing along an elevated road during
a large police campaign late Wednesday night and early yesterday
morning managed to escape capture by driving his motorcycle directly
at an officer, who was forced to jump out of the way to save his

That didn't stop Shanghai police from calling the campaign a
success, however.

Police did seize three cars that had allegedly been illegally souped
up with larger engines and bigger exhaust systems among other

Just before midnight, police spotted a motorcycle flying along the
Humin Elevated Road near Liuzhou Road. Police didn't say how fast
the bike was going, but suggested it was zipping along at more than
120 kilometers an hour.

Five police cars rushed to the nearest exit ramp and set up a road
block. Instead of lining the cars up sideways, as police tend to do
in the movies, the officers parked their cars facing the exit and
opened their doors to cover more space.

The motorcyclist, who had a passenger with him, drove at one of the
officers standing between the cars, breaking through the road block
and fleeing the scene.

"There's nothing I could do, he just sped up towards me," said the
officer who was forced to jump for his life.

"If we come across a similar situation in the future, we would still
let the motorist pass through if he is roaring towards a police
officer and rely on backups to catch him. It's more important to
ensure the safety of police officers," said Guo Ji, a senior officer
with the elevated road traffic police.

"The campaign yesterday was successful. It was a good test of our
teamwork in catching drag racers," said Guo.

Nearly 50 police officers as well as some police assistants took
part in the four-hour campaign.

Police will make drag racing a focus of their work in the future,
and set up more overnight campaigns.

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A modified Sail?? Bwahahaha....

"150 kilometers an hour, and motorcycles zip by
at 120 kph or faster. " Bwahahaha...

C'mon folks...let's be honest. 120kph is not racing unless you're off the tarmac or on a kart. Then it's damn fast.

The stupidity of a few is leading to pain for many. The problem is that the police have only a hazy idea of the law shop owners are being harassed weekly by nosy cops.

You technically aren't allowed to change your wheels!!!!!!

The messed up thing is that this is happening in a city that makes huge efforts to tout itself as a motorsports center!
F1, A1 GP, Moto GP, DTM street race, v-8 supercars, hoping to get JGTC! They hold all the China events too? C'mon, it seems that the left has no idea what the right is doing...

Oh, it's ok for you to watch, but you may not prep your car in any way for your weekend adventures.

In Canada , if you can prove that your car is not hazardous...passes emmissions standards, and is not breaking the dB limit, you are good to go.
Here , everything is discretion based. And there is none...

What a crock of shyte.

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Even 20km/h is deadly on Chinese roads. The problem isn't the speed, it's the driving style of the Chinese. A Chinese driver on a motorcycle going 120 or 150 is basically a suicide bomber without explosives.

I can understand the police in this case.

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The Alchemist said:
C'mon folks...let's be honest. 120kph is not racing unless you're off the tarmac or on a kart.
Hell, here in Florida, USA, 120 kph is only 8 kph over the speed limit. You'd have to be drunk and throwing fireworks out the window at pedestrians to even get pulled over.

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Here in London i drive 100mph /160km on the M25 and M11 motorway all the time, got radar detector and never had any problem. Nationl speed limit is 70 mph/ 120km. on morotway,

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Speed limit on highways is 100km/h and 120km/h

Altho When I stick to it ,,, I find my self the slowest car :p

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god_bless_japan said:
Here in London i drive 100mph /160km on the M25 and M11 motorway all the time, got radar detector and never had any problem. Nationl speed limit is 70 mph/ 120km. on morotway,
You may, or may not be, full of it, I'll withhold judgement.

On UK motorways you can whip it up to the ton (=100mph) and beyond in the right place at the right time, but if you drive everywhere at that speed you will get nicked sooner or later and would have a fair chance of getting something more than the 3 point slap on the wrist for that.

Below 90mph (about 145-150kph) you would generally be ok.

Radar detector is an obsolete bit of kit. GPS speed camera locator is useful, but on the motorway you would either be nicked by a video equipped car or a laser system. There are laser detectors on the market but I've yet to find someone who is confident in them (also tested one myself). The laser system only needs about 0.3 seconds to clock you, that's not a lot of time to detect, react and scrub off speed.

If you want to speed on the motorway, there is no substitute for picking the right time and place and keeping your eyes peeled. Christmas day, about 11am, on a section with good visibility and no bridges etc for the fuzz to hide, for example, one might easily see 130mph.......................................

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i can only imagine your apprehension, dude. but, why worry if you can outrun them police? lol. levity aside, same goes here in the states. it's hard to imagine a driver trooping to as frequently as one normally will to a barber shop, but i know of drivers like that. less bad that police don't have that kind of maintenance fund. hehe.

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Aeisner said: frequently as one normally will to a barber shop.........
interesting choice of words. a Lotus won't run as standard for that long without needing something on it..........

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all about safety first, that is pretty much the issue here. back in the states they do it on empty streets all the cars lined up until people started getting mad and shooting at each other.

take it to the track, is there a dedicated drag racing track in shanghai?
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