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Official CCF Welcome centre!

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Hey new CCF'ers! I see there's a lot of you, so feel free to introduce yourselves here! Welcome :D .
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hi im day

i just got into the rabbit hole that is the chinese car market; i find all the brands and how they connect to each other interesting.

my favorite car is the 2017 Alpine A110 GT.
Hello @day and welcome to the forum! I hope you find this forum interesting and enjoy looking at all the information CCF has to offer :)
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Hi all, I am new to this forum , this is my first text. Very happy to meet you. My name is Lilyana Carney and I am from Austin. Good luck and have a good day !
Hello I’m new here looking forward to help
The community and learn a lot here.
Hey there, I'm a fresh face around these parts! Unlock the door to my witty wonderland and let me in.
81 - 87 of 87 Posts