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1958 Hongqi Luxury Car

Hongqi Luxury Car.

This is what I found about 1958 Hongqi CA770, the first national China car:
The National Car referred to the car that is 100% produced in China. The National Car of China was initiated from a National Development Plan for the first 5 years in 1950-1955. China set a scheme to produce its own car and had every part made in the country. In 1956, busses were firstly created and later on, they began to create saloon car and met with a success in 1958. The Honqgi (“red flag” in Chinese) model CA770 was a mixture between cars of the free world and cars of the communist which are the United State’s Chrysler Imperial and Soviet’s ZIL car.

“CA770” was mode’s name of “Red Flag”. The meanings are as follows:
“C” refers to China
“A” refers to FAW (First Automobile Works). It was the name of the factory of the car.
The first “7” is a code number of the car.
The Second “7” means 7 seats
“0” is a kind of car (Limo)

CA700 used eight pistons engine sized 5700CC in order to have a 220 horse powers by using automatic gear of two speeds. The weight of the car was 2.5 tons. This model had been used as an official car for the leader of China and for many leaders of foreign countries who came to visit China.

In 1965 The Prime Minister of China, Joe En Lai denied the request of President Nixon who would bring his own car during his first visit China. He told Nixon not to worry. He welcomed Nixon with the best car in the world that built by China itself. It was this Hongqi CA770.

The President Mow Ze Tung, the leader during that period had used this model as his positional car, including welcoming various leaders such as Stalin of Soviet. This car was used by the leader of China for a long time since 1958-1983. The last Honqgi CA770 was produced in 1983.

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Some other interesting Hongqi limousines.

Hongqi CA 770 TJ High Class Reviewing Car.
To make a Hongqi CA 770 TJ high class reviewing car was the "No.1 task " for FAW in 1983. The car roof is a decklid type. General secretary Hu Yaobang, of the Chinese Communist Party, and Yang Shangkun watched at the car, which was under trial production in May 1984. They instructed that the car must be in good quality. It is on this car that Deng Xiaoping reviewed the PLA troops at Tiananmen Square on 35 annviersary of founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1st 1984, made a historic scene in the world. On november 3rd the same year, Qin Jiwei - general commander of the reviewing troops signed a citation and commendatory letter to FAW for its great contribution on the National Day reviewing.

Hongqi CA 760 Three Row Seat Medium Class Car.
Hongqi CA 760 three-row seat medium class car, which was a variant of the CA 750 car series, was designed and put into production in 1982. The prototype was sent to Beijing after prototyping was completed and reserved by Mr. Shen Hong, former minister of the First Machinery Industry Ministry as his special car.

Hongqi CA7560 LH Luxury Car.
Hongqi CA7560LH luxury car is a modified product of Hongqi luxury car series, and was modeled in Dec., 1992. It is the top luxury car with the longest body, max. power among domestic moulels so far.

Hongqi CA7080 Economic Car.
It is an economic car developed in 1993, adopts thoroughly new styling and body. Its platform is based on existing domestic resource.

Timeline of Hongqi cars:

Article at

Honqgi CA72 1E Prototype:

CA72 Parade Car Prototype:


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