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Heron HRQ1030

Heron (Hengrun) HRQ1030, a common-looking pickup made by Hunan Heron Automobile Co., Ltd. (formerly Hunan Baolong Special Purpose Vehicle Co.), part of the Hunan Heron Hi-Tech group which produces special-purpose vehicles and vehicle-mounted equipment.

Group site: 恒润高科公司官网

Specs: 恒润国四微型84马力柴油5吨以下多用途货车HRQ1030PS4F|公告|资料|报价|图片_商用车网
Even though it is old (2014), the website linked in that post is still up.

Hunan Hengrun Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of sanitation equipment. Committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of special cleaning and cleaning vehicles, garbage collection and transportation vehicles and equipment in the field of sanitation, and providing urban cleaning and high-speed rescue services. The company is located in Xiangtan Jiuhua Economic Development Zone, with a registered capital of 158.88 million yuan. The company is a national high-tech enterprise with a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and the "Hengrun" trademark is a "well-known trademark". Hengrun Auto, a subsidiary of Hengrun Hi-Tech, mainly produces commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles (including new energy). Hengrun has gradually become one of the suppliers with a high reputation in the domestic automotive field.
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