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Hunan Zhidian Intelligent New Energy Automobile - Intelligent transforms union

Company intoduction translated with Google
Hunan Zhidian Intelligent New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhidian Automobile) was established on July 17, 2018. Its headquarter is located in the High-tech Zone, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. It is the first domestic enterprise with intelligent new energy commercial vehicles as its main development goal. , It has built seven workshops including stamping, welding and coating, cargo box, frame and battery PACK. The total investment is about 5 billion yuan, and the factory building area is about 200,000 square meters. It is a large-scale intelligent flexible planned and constructed under the "Industry 4.0" standard. The commercial vehicle production project integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales, with a planned standard production capacity of 50,000 units. After the whole plant is completed and put into production, it will become the domestic new energy commercial vehicle production base with the largest scale, the highest degree of automation, and the most flexible production line.

Smartpoint Auto aims at the smart new energy logistics vehicle market, focusing on autonomous driving system R&D, smart logistics system R&D, vehicle R&D, smart container development, and styling design, etc., to build a commercial vehicle center for the entire industry chain in Zhuzhou. The main products are There are smart new energy commercial vehicles such as light trucks, pickup trucks, micro trucks, medium trucks, and customizable models, smart cargo boxes, and smart car software and hardware products, with obvious product advantages.
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The grill on the F101 almost looks like some sort of electronic light-up would be there. The company could get very creative with design here. Vehicles look nice and unique.

X301 Standard:
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle

IFX Chassis:
Automotive design Automotive exterior Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Auto part

Pictures from website
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