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Zhongzhi New Energy Vehicle - ZEV

Zhongzhi New Energy Vehicle Co., ltd(ZEV) is a high technology company which invested by Zhongzhi Enterprise Group(ZEG) and Zhejiang Kangsheng Co.,Ltd. The registered capital of ZEV is 3 billions Yuan, headquarter is located in Chengdu. Our company focuses on the new energy vehicle technology research, producing, marketing and the post-market service.

Based on the mastery of the core technologies of new energy vehicle like wheel-side drive system, composite materials and etc. We are integrating the outstanding new energy vehicle design company, manufactory, marketing company, post-market service(Internet+) etc., by merger and reorganization.

Within 3 years, we plan to purchase and regroup 10 holding companies,10 joint stock companies and 10 cooperate companies that related to new energy vehicle. Based on Chengdu, we are establishing a mega diversified, collectivized, international new energy vehicle corporation, makes Zhongzhi industry chain become an "aircraft carrier" in the new energy vehicle field all over the world.


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Qilu bus

Suzhou E Motors
E Motors Group is an Innovative leader in the design and manufacture of advanced renewable products in transportation and energy storage. The core of our business is quality, reliable battery production. Our systems are designed to be easy to install, use and turn-key in every sense of the word. Our intelligent power control platforms and battery management systems that effectively enable integration of renewable and conventional energy sources across all product lines.

We take pride in our dedicated people and in our total commitment to quality offering the most reliable products, world-class service and support, and maximum overall value to the diverse markets we serve. We are a leader in new energy, new energy vehicles as well as green-tech industry which includes solar cells, lithium ion batteries, lithium-ion battery integration, electric motor, electric control system, electric bus manufacturing and a line of electric cars.

E Motors residential and small business storage systems are in use on 2 continents and expanding rapidly. Founded in 2000, innovation and energy storage and power control platforms all are designed to ensure optimal efficiencies today, while offering the flexibility to adapt and scale to future requirements.

At E-Motors, we think big. We’ve been on a mission to bring electric power, optimally from solar energy to the next level, one where it’s ready to meet the energy demands of an entire globe. As we work towards our vision for a solar-powered planet, we never lose sight of the three commitments that have guided us from the beginning: innovation, quality, and responsibility.


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China Hi-Tech Trucks (Hubei Xin Chufeng) - CHTC

China Hi Tech Group Corporation, a state-owned large-scale central enterprise supervised by The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), was founded in Sep. 1998, by merge of companies under former Ministry of Textile Industry, namely, China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., China Textile Industrial Corporation for Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation, China Texmatech Co., Ltd., China National Chemical Fiber Corporation, China Silk Industrial Corporation etc. In Dec. 2006, CHTC has become one of the conducting companies of the Board of Directors system practicing under the supervision of SASAC, and a scientific and standard corporate governance structure being established. Currently, CHTC consists of 23 direct subsidiaries with more than 60,000 staff, in which there are 6 companies listed in the share market both in China and outside China with name as Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (000666) listed in Hong Kong stock market as well as in A share market in China, CHTC KAMA Co., Ltd. (900953) listed in B share market in China, Swan Fiber Co., Ltd. (000687), China Garments Co., Ltd. (000902) and Shandong Helon Co., Ltd. (000677) listed in A share market in China, Fong's Industries Company Limited (HK.00641) in Hong Kong share market. All the companies are broaden in more than 20 provinces in China and 20 countries and regions abroad.

CHTC operates its major business in three fields textile machinery, textile & trade, commercial vehicle, which could be further divided into six business units, i.e. textile machinery, textile production & trade, new fiber material, commercial vehicle & heavy machinery, real estate &culture creativity and finance & investment. In the six business units, the textile machinery is the core business of CHTC’s, with a series of international famous brands, “Jingwei Textile Machinery”, “CHTC Heavy Industry”, “”, “AUTEFA”, “FEHRER”, “F.O.R”, and“OCTIR”etc. CHTC’s textile machinery business is No.1 in China and the size is first in the world, which plays an important role in keeping and increasing the competitiveness of China textile industry in the world market. The textile production & trade is CHTC’s traditional dominant business with strong brand influence both in China and outside China. New fiber material business is the CHTC’s new and developing business, focusing on the development of new fibers characterized with high technology and environment-friendly by means of modern science and technology. As a main business unit in CHTC’s business, products of commercial vehicle & heavy machinery consist of commercial vehicle, engine, construction machinery and general machinery, etc. The business owns a series of famous brands including “Kama”, “Laidong”, “Hi-Tech Truck (Hubei Xinchufeng)”, “Bonluck”, “CHTC Jove Heavy Industry” and “Leader Auto”, etc. Meanwhile, the real estate &culture creativity and finance & investment is a strategic business giving assistances to the development and profitable for the three major businesses fields, with a famous brand, “Zhongrong International Trust”.

With company’s ideal “For the People, For the Life”, the core values of the company “Achievement, Regulation and Credibility” as well as the company’s spirit “Cooperation, Innovation and Excellence”, CHTC would be the first class company with strong global competitiveness, to become the largest company with the strongest profitability and influences in the textile machinery manufacturers in the world, and one of the most significant supplier in the segment markets of the textile products & trade and new fiber material, as well as one of famous commercial vehicle suppliers and leaders of its segment markets.
Hubei Chufeng Automobile Co., Ltd.:中国制造

智电客车报价和图片_衡阳智电客车有限责任公司 (

Hubei Hengtian Bus

Translated with Google
Hubei Hengtian Bus Co., Ltd. (also known as Hubei Xinchufeng Motor Co., Ltd.) has a history of more than 40 years in car manufacturing. Its predecessor was Hubei Special Purpose Vehicle Refitting Factory after restructuring and strategic reorganization. It is an enterprise registered by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The product announcement covers Passenger car chassis, passenger car modification and other related strains. The registered capital is 300 million yuan, and the factory covers an area of more than 1,000 acres. It produces more than 6,000 city buses, highway buses, kindergarten school buses, school buses for primary school students, special buses, and new energy buses. It has a considerable influence in the industry. , has a certain popularity and reputation, and some products are exported to Angola, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and other countries.
楚风客车报价和图片_湖北恒天客车有限公司 (

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Fujian New Forta

Company profile
Fujian New Forta Automobile Industry Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: New Forta) was founded in November 2001. There are moret han 2000 employees, and New Forta has the perfect technology system, production management system, sales management system, quality management system,after-sales-service system, is a domestic large-scale comprehensive commercial vehicle manufacturing enterprises. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in May,2004.

New Forta has three series of products: bus & bus chassis, trucks (including pickup,light/medium/heavy truck), special purpose vehicle production qualifications, with two manufacture bases in Fuzhou city and Zhangzhou city.

The Fuzhou production base is located in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou Fuxin InvestmentZone, covers an area of 59661 square meters with construction area of 33776 square meters, which main produces truck and passenger-vehicle products.

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Is this the same Shenzhou, of Hubei Province, that recently purchased a 67 per cent stake in Beijing Borgward Automobile Co.,Ltd.?

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Jiankang vehicles are made in China by Nanjing Public Transport Vehicle Plant (a vehicle manufacturer in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province).


Feichi vehicles are made in China by Foshan Feichi Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (a commercial vehicle manufacturer in Foshan, Guangdong Province).

Brilliance Bus (Dalian)

Huachen Bus (Dalian) Company Limited, a subsidiary of Brilliance China Auto.
Brilliance Bus (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a bus manufacturer located in Dalian City

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Dayun Automobile Co.,ltd, originated and reformed from Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturer Co.,ltd, is located in Yuncheng Economic Zone, Shanxi Province, with registeration capital of 850 million yuan.It is a private enterprise which has integrated R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of commercial vehicle and has required manufacture permission of all series commercial vehicle. Dayun Automobile Co.,ltd strategically constructed three production bases in Yuncheng, Chengdu and Shiyan, with seperately focusing on Heavy-duty trucks, Light-duty trucks and Medium-duty trucks. In December 2016, Dayun Automibile Co.,ltd is successfully listed in NEEQ stock market, starting a new developing era.
Dayun Automobile Chengdu production base, founded in 2009, is located in Chengdu Economic and Technique Developing Zone. It covers 1085 mu land with 250,000 square meter of construction area, installing with punching line, welding line, painting line,assembling line and other processing lines.
Dayun Automobile Shiyan production base, founded in 2010, is located in Yunyang District, Shiyan city, Hubei province, covering 1136 mu land with 150,000 square meter construction area.
Dayun Automobile highly emphasises on innovation, integrating excellent aspects from other truck makers all over world. It has developed five series of trucks,that is ,tractor truck, dump truck, cargo truck, special truck and trailer truck, with different driving power from fuel, gas, and electric.The products have advantages of new technique, stable performance, trustworth quality, strong outlook, and competiveness in economy, safety and comfort.
At the same time, Dayun Automobile positively respones to national call of " saving energy, reducing emission,green development" and set new energy and clean energy vehicle as new strategy of company development. With massive technique accumulation, it developed 300 kinds of gas products and obtained more than 100 patents, additionally, in the first place to develope pure electric tractor truck and logistic truck.Presently, Dayun Automibile is the only private-owned enterprise in Shanxi province that is quanlified to produce electric cargo truck and bus. It already formed all seires of electric heavy duty truck, medium truck, light truck,mini truck and bus in product selections.

Xiaolan Bus

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