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Our new Chow Chow puppy!

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Yesterday my wife and I bought a Chow Chow puppy. She is cinnamon in color and only 6 weeks old. These dogs are native to China(the breeder says that the breed was started long ago by a bear and wolf mating...anyone else besides me question that a bit? How about a wolf and a spitz dog mating instead?)and have histories of being hard workers, pulling carts and such. Meggy would love us to put her to work, she's as strong as an ox!

And they can be adamant in guarding their loved ones, though the word is that they just want to make sure you're OK with your visitors. They will not bite if you train them not to bite. But they have scared many people and have earned a reputation as being potentially trouble as regards visitors to your home. She is a doll and loves Daddy(me) very much! This is the only dog breed with a purple-black colored tongue, quite unique. Oh, that is not true, I have learned. The other dog with a purple-black tongue is the Sharpei, also a Chinese-bred dog. In this picture our puppy is on the left.


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