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Here are our "oldie" and "semi-reliable" Renault Clio II sedan, year 2006, brought in 2011 with 34.000 km, and now it runned 123.000 km! The engine is an 1.5 dCi (diesel engine with common-rail), it has a low fuel consumption, but its spare parts are expensive (AR$ 15K for 4 diesel injectors).
By the way, my dad love it a lot, it's in a great shape, no bruises or dents, no crashes...
The trim level is "Authentique" (CD player, air conditioner, cigarrete lighter), it was the cheapest trim level.
We traveled to Uruguay, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Santa Fé, but it's widely used in the city, it's economical than a "colectivo" ticket!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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