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Overseas KD Project Cooperation Invitation

With the fast and sound development of Chinese auto industry and the adjustment of worldwide auto industry pattern, the manufacturing center will transform from European countries, Japan and Korean countries to China and other developing countries in the future. To follow this trend, GONOW Auto has started strategic transformation from 2008 under the policy that we are stable in internal market and accelerate the speed of KD project, and we have established KD plant in North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia with 8 production lines, with annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles. To increase the overseas KD plant, and with the development of time and follow with globalization, we are carrying out overseas KD cooperation, and we sincerely invite you to join us and create the bright future!

The competitive sales advantages over KD program cooperation:
1. KD has lower import custom duty than CBU,will bring more competitive retail price and agent profit.
2. KD received great support and welcome from the local governments as a new means of trading means.
3. CKD can save 50% of transportation space and fee from CBU.
4. KD can fully explore the local cheap labor or buy cheap spare parts, and reduce auto manufacturing cost.
5. The establishment of KD plant can set up spare parts storage and nurture new talent technicians for after-sales service.
6. KD can lead agencies to improve their “buy & sale business” to “industry agency”,which is more stable than CBU vehicle sales,and agencies can take all their effort in making his brand.
7. KD can increase the brand effect in local market and the confidence of consumers.
8. The potential agencies that are ready to do KD project are always have strong strength, which is beneficial for us to make a long cooperation and development.
9. KD plant can spread to neighboring countries, which plays a vital role in increasing the agents’ sales volume and improving after-sales service.

GONOW Auto sincerely invites you, who is expired to invest in auto industry to joint us and establish KD partnership in overseas market based on integration of production, sales and service, and realizes win-win finally.

Company background: GAC has total sales volume of 10,000,000 vehicles in 2009 with profit over 15 billion RMB. It is also one of the four largest auto Group in china, and GONOW has jointed GAC(The agent of Toyota and Honda in China) in 2010 in the need of the development in Chinese auto industry. GONOW Auto is the core brand in the Chinese-owned brand, GAC has taken much effort to build the brand of GONOW, especially for the overseas KD project.
Cooperation Requirement
1. Have confidence in GONOW Auto, known for the management concept and operation model for GONOW Auto, and ready to invest for long term and development with GAC GONOW;
2. Have independent plant and distribution network, and complete after-sales service center;
3. Have professional and qualified KD technique team;
4. Have professional KD organization to communicate with us.
5. Have place for plant construction. Vacancy area and reconstruction field can be considered, according to the market, model, production capacity and company size, taking area of 3,000-300,000 square meters.

Our Support
• Considering the huge investment and long construction period, in order to releasing the pressures of our partners, our KD team will provide you with the most suitable project scheme according to your requirements and actual situation:
Free technical support during the whole project
1. Pre-period: Our team will provide you with the most possible scheme for KD project according to your plant, equipment, market and other resources;
2. First period: GONOW Auto will invite you to have a visit and communication in our company, which will make you familiar with our product and technology. However, the housing and canteen of the trainee is for free, moreover, special guidance engineer and the training will be free of charge;
3. Mid period: We will send a team of engineers and technicians to have an all-round guidance in your workshop and production line, and train your technicians and engineers till you can produce our GONOW Auto independently, and provide whole set of KD core technical documents for free. GONOW Auto will not charge any technology transfer fee on the service of the whole project;
4. Later period: We'll send after-sales team to your company to have an all-round after-sales service, including claim, quality improvement, technical guidance, if needed, we can help you to improve the after-sales system;
Perfect business support
Based on the business support policy to CBU vehicles, following items is added to our KD partners:
1. Equipment & tools investment support:
The whole GAC group has over 50 sub-companies, including 15 manufacturing bases, and we have very good business cooperation with famous equipments suppliers in China, thus the price of SKD equipment and tools in general assembly workshop shall be less than 100,000,000 RMB after cash support by GONOW if the annual production capacity is lower than 30,000 vehicles, including dozens of sets of equipment and over 500 sets of tools, engine sub-assembly table, vehicle frame turnover mechanism, auto testing line, four-wheel alignment, battery charge room, etc.
2. CBU sample for free support:
We can present you with one to three CBU samples to agencies for analysis after the business contract is signed, and when our new model is on arrival, we can send samples for free to you for advertisement at the first time.
3. KD price discount support:
The following are our advantages
a) Lower purchase cost. As one of the biggest export companies in Chinese auto, our spare parts purchase price is low, and our local city, Taizhou city is the biggest auto spare parts manufacture area.
b) Lower management fees. We already have many KD production lines in overseas market, and we have rich experience in management, thus and team management fees reduced.
c) Lower package cost. We are neighbors to Geely Auto industry zone, our package and logistic can be shared, thus cost is lower.
The conditions above make us have more space for price to client, and GONOW Auto shall give much lower price than CBU vehicle on KD pieces.
4. Sole agency support:
If an agency can do it well, he can have sole agency right at least for 5 years, and prior to get neighbor countries sole agency right.
5. Perfect after-sales system:
GONOW Auto will take more effort on KD after-sales service in view of experience from the past successful case, and we'll perfect our after-sales service and make your plant running smoothly and exert the market potential in full.
a) We'll send our after-sales service engineers to KD plant to provide technology and claim service for free in long term.
b) Our engineers in China will provide full service at any time.
c) Every year, our engineers in China will go to overseas KD plant to deal with technical communication and problems.
d) Our business staff will maximize the scheme and layout according to the running of KD plant.

Support from our KD team
Our team has 150 staff, including 30 engineers, 30 technicians, 30 service staff, 50 package and logistic staff, and 10 business managers.

Newly built overseas production lines of GONOW Auto in 2010.
Egypt SUV production line,the production capacity is 10,000 per year.
Egypt Minibus production line,the production capacity is 10,000 per year.
Iran Pickup production line,the production capacity is 50,000 per year.

KD project in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, etc. are in business negotiation. In 2011, at least 3 production lines will be built up.
GONOW record is continuing.

If you'd like to share the promising future in the international market with GONOW Auto, we sincerely invite you to join our family in over 80 countries in globe with 800 agencies.

GONOW Auto reserves the right of final explanations, in the event of any alteration and modification, the written notice of GONOW Auto shall prevail.

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I donn't know what Wanglong is,and have never heard of the name.Moreover, I donnot know what the message you got from and want to talk about. However,GAC Gonow Auto has its own ability on R & D,and in production, espcially after cooperation with GAC Group,our strength will be shown out,and more outstanding.

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GAC Gonow Overseas KD plant is running well

GAC Gonow Auto Overseas KD Project Speed Up For 2011

At the end of 2010,GAC Gonow KD team members were busy with delivering CKD jigs and welding guns to Egypt, and it was delivered on Jan 1,2011.The total goods are in three HQ container with total value of 1 million USD.
It is said that GAC Gonow has established a CKD production line with production capacity of 10 thousand vehicles annually after one year negotiation and technical communications. Meanwhile, the CKD jigs and welding guns equipment are ordered by its partner with whole set of equipment, and then first order of 200 pieces of CKD parts will be delivered and finally put into production.
It is also known that, GAC Gonow has another production line with the partner, with production capacity of 10 thousand vehicles on other model. The technical communications on this model has come into final, and the CKD jigs and equipment are also on the debugging. However, when these are all ready, this equipment will be delivered to Egypt as well. Meanwhile, GAC Gonow has signed an agreement with a new partner in Iran in March 2010 with annual production capacity of 50,000 vehicles per year, and it is also goes one well. It is heard that the first SKD order and equipment will be delivered on Jan of 2011.
The construction of KD plant views the strategic transformation of GAC Gonow. It sticks to the policy that stable in internal market and accelerate the speed of KD project, and GAC Gonow has established KD plant in North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia with 8 production lines, with annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. The foundation of GAC Gonow will promote the overseas KD project, and will also bring bright future for GAC Gonow!

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