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Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd. is a 50-50 joint venture between General Motors and SAIC. Established on June 12, 1997, PATAC is China's first automotive engineering and design joint venture.

PATAC offers its services to GM, SAIC and their domestic joint ventures. It has responsibility for engineering development for Shanghai GM.

PATAC is fully computer oriented. It has adopted some of the most advanced industry software for computer-aided styling (CAS), computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided design (CAD). Through TcAE, a global high-speed data management system, PATAC can meet the demands of global purchasing and engineering concurrently.

PATAC has more than 1,100 salaried employees, approximately 35 percent of whom have masters and/or doctorate degrees. Most of PATAC's local engineers have received special training at GM engineering and design centers abroad. PATAC also employs experts from abroad, who are sharing the latest industry concepts and know-how with their local counterparts.

PATAC's facilities include a virtual reality design studio, a prototype laboratory, a powertrain lab, a kinematics and compliance lab, a noise, vibration and harshness test lab, emission testing facilities and a short-distance test track that can simulate all types of road conditions. PATAC's clay modeling facility can process four clay models at one time. PATAC's emission test laboratory is one of 11 centers authorized to carry out emission testing by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China. It can do testing for the Euro III, Euro IV and California super-low emission standards.

A new proving ground is in the planning stage. When completed, it will be the largest and most functionally comprehensive specialty proving ground in China that meets international standards. Along with PATAC's other new facilities, it will enable the joint venture to further expand its engineering and design capabilities and meet the specific needs of China's vehicle users.


· In June 1999, PATAC unveiled the Qilin, the first concept car designed in China by Chinese engineers and designers for the China market, at the Eighth Shanghai International Auto Show.

· In June 2000, PATAC displayed a unique e-business concept car at Auto China 2000 in Beijing.

· In June 2001, Shanghai GM's Buick Sail small car, which was reengineered for China by PATAC, entered the market. The Sail received the Shanghai Municipal Government's Excellent New Product Award First Prize.

· In October 2001, PATAC completed the development of the Phoenix fuel cell concept vehicle, which won the SAIC Technology Innovative Achievement Award First Prize.

· In December 2002, the Buick Regal, which was PATAC's first minor facelift of a midsize sedan, was unveiled by Shanghai GM. The development of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine for Shanghai GM also was carried out by PATAC.

· In April 2003, PATAC unveiled the Kunpeng CAV concept car.

· In April 2003, Shanghai GM's Buick Excelle debuted. The lower-medium sedan, which PATAC reengineered for China, is based on a global GM platform.

· In December 2004, Shanghai GM unveiled the Buick Royaum premium sedan, which was reengineered for China by PATAC.

· In February 2005, Shanghai GM launched the Chevrolet Sail small car and Epica intermediate sedan. PATAC oversaw the design, engineering and validation of the Sail and the reengineering of the Epica for China.

· In April 2005, PATAC unveiled the ALA.s concept car, the first mini-crossover of its kind, which took its design cues from traditional Chinese culture. It was PATAC's first digitally designed vehicle.

· In April 2005, PATAC carried out a minor facelift of the Buick FirstLand executive wagon for Shanghai GM.

· In July 2005, PATAC completed the localization of the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback for Shanghai GM.

· In November 2005, PATAC completed the localization of the Buick Excelle station wagon for Shanghai GM.

· In February 2006, PATAC completed a major facelift of the Buick LaCrosse premium sedan for Shanghai GM.

Patac Kunpeng:

Patac Alas:
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