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Paris Hilton to be released early this week

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Hilton has professed in letters and phone interviews to want to change her partying ways.
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If I hear another news about Paris Hilton I'm going to explode :mad:

Enough is enough.

What happened to the Paris Hilton?? I've never been there..........but the Hilton in Guilin is pretty nice. Hilton hotels are pretty nice in gene---wait, what's that?? Oh, you meant Paris Hilton..........the person?? Who's that? This is for real?? Who would be stupid enough to name their kid PARIS HILTON?? Hell - you'd spend your whole life being confused with the hotel!!!!

- Tonight's episode of useless sarcasm is now concluded - you may now return to your regularly scheduled forum.:cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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