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Ok... I am from England and we do not have this silly law of traffic being allowed to turn right at junctions when the pedestrian light shows green to allow us to cross the road.

I was wanting to ask ..... who has to stop for who ? ..... do pedestrians have to stop for cars or do cars have to stop for pedestrians when the crossing light shows 'green man' ??

And I find that a lot of times when at a road junction and there are traffic officers with the whistles..... a lot of cars and bikes go through red lights.... even after the traffic officer (or traffic guard)... has told the pedestrians to cross. This is VERY dangerous I find.
I was nearly knocked over the other day when the officer blew his whislte, waved his hand for people to cross and the 'green man' light came on.... and then as I was steping into the road 4 cars came through and a bus !
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