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What a Photo Gallery where you can put pictures in categories

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Hi All,

I wanted to know who would like a Photo Gallery module at where all forum members could upload photos and people could rate and comment on those photos and they would be very automatically organized and cateogorized so people can easily find pics.

Please participate in the polls so I know to invest in such a tool.


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Admin said:
are you sure? this way people that want to see pics of chinese cars can easily find them
My mistake. I thought we talk about gallery where users would present their own vehicles.
A gallery of Chinese cars would be great, especially of older models. For those it's very hard or even impossible to obtain pics or information, especially in English. New models are mostly quite well presented on official sites of respective manufacturers.

I wonder: who will contribute pictures? Who has them at all?

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oh yes

Hi Admin,
yep - a central database i.e. selecteable by type (SUV, sedan) or by company (geely, etc) woudl speed up the search and findings.
Best case would be to have the english page URLs of the companies there as well.
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