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pictures of Chinese cities

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erik (laofan) said:
Hello Windy, in April 2005 the Etsong (or Yizhong in Chinese) website (I am still a junior member, according a strange rule I am not allowed to give you a website, but is something suddenly showed an update of the Lubao. In fact there were four cars shown on this website:
Lubao QE 6400/ CA 6400 UA (this is the picture you show)
Lubao CA 6410 UA (with a new front end, 22 cm longer)
Lande CA 6440 UA/ CA 1020 (the van with a facelift)
Lubao CA 7131 sedan and travelling car (the Montego sedan and estate. Only a photo of the estate was shown.)
Two months later the factory was sold to SGM-Wuling. But the website stayed on the net for the whole year. Now it seems to be closed. The website of the tobacco company itself (yes, Etsong is a tobacco company) had some cars on it before, but now not anymore (
The photo you show is from the website.
More about Etsong you can find on, follow the link Maestro/Montego, Maestro in China.
Greetings! Erik.
I once saw a factory car park out in Huangdao district of Qingdao that had must have had >1000 lu baos!
Trivia Tim said:
Thank you Edge, for neglecting to mention China's 12th, and the world's 99th, largest city - Harbin. My adopted hometown, Harbin is also called Moscow of the East, thanks to the many buildings that remain from when it was occupied by the Russians, and later the Japanese.

While not as developed as many of China's other big cities, Harbin is still a modern city, with more KFCs per head of population than anywhere in the world (complete speculation, but Harbinren really love their chicken burgers). But it does have the prettiest pedestrian precinct I've seen - Zhongyang Dajie...
Except its freezing cold outdoors for 60% of the year and the whole city stinks of beer brewing thanks to the excellent location of the Harbin beer brewery.

AND the most famous attraction (quite possibly the only) is 150rmb per ticket and staffed by Russian guards that dont really speak English, nor Chinese. Yes Im talking about the famous Harbin Ice Festival, the locals never seem to visit - its full of Japs, Koreans and Taiwanese that will never go somewhere so cold ever again.

Qingdao万岁! We have bettter beer. :p
1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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