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pictures of Chinese cities

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Talking about Qingdao, does anybody of you know if the Etsong (Yizheng) factory is still working and producing the Chinese Rover Maestro (Lubao and Lande), even when the factory is sold to Shanghai GM-Wuling?
And what about this strange Xinxing factory of Dongfeng in Rongcheng, where the Little Prince (Xiao Wangzi) should be made, but what we only see is prototype after prototype? I there really a factory?
Erik (Laofan)
etsong models

Hello Windy, in April 2005 the Etsong (or Yizhong in Chinese) website (I am still a junior member, according a strange rule I am not allowed to give you a website, but is something suddenly showed an update of the Lubao. In fact there were four cars shown on this website:
Lubao QE 6400/ CA 6400 UA (this is the picture you show)
Lubao CA 6410 UA (with a new front end, 22 cm longer)
Lande CA 6440 UA/ CA 1020 (the van with a facelift)
Lubao CA 7131 sedan and travelling car (the Montego sedan and estate. Only a photo of the estate was shown.)
Two months later the factory was sold to SGM-Wuling. But the website stayed on the net for the whole year. Now it seems to be closed. The website of the tobacco company itself (yes, Etsong is a tobacco company) had some cars on it before, but now not anymore (
The photo you show is from the website.
More about Etsong you can find on, follow the link Maestro/Montego, Maestro in China.
Greetings! Erik.
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1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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