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pictures of Chinese cities

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edge said:
Also, these kind of skylines are very typical of Chinese cities. Here are some major ones.

I'll list them:

Hong Kong
Thank you Edge, for neglecting to mention China's 12th, and the world's 99th, largest city - Harbin. My adopted hometown, Harbin is also called Moscow of the East, thanks to the many buildings that remain from when it was occupied by the Russians, and later the Japanese.

While not as developed as many of China's other big cities, Harbin is still a modern city, with more KFCs per head of population than anywhere in the world (complete speculation, but Harbinren really love their chicken burgers). But it does have the prettiest pedestrian precinct I've seen - Zhongyang Dajie...

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chinacartimes said:
Qingdao万岁! We have bettter beer. :p
That's fighting talk, that is! You can complain about Harbin's weather, and the horrendously over-priced tickets to the Ice and Snow World (the whole point of that is to keep the locals out) but you can never say anything bad about our beer. It's so good Anheuser Busch (sp?) bought the whole damned company! (but only bought a small stake in Qingdao)
1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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