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pictures of Chinese cities

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edge said:
Beijing, China's great capital.
Nanjing next please - China's southern capital :thumb:
firefox said:
It seems that Etsong was out of production soon after the launch of this model for its extremely poor market response. Although I never verified this, one thing is sure however, that I haven't seen a single Etsong car in my city.
Does anyone know the story behind this "new version of the Etsong Lubao, which has recently been unveiled" and when was it actually unveiled? :confused: I guess erik knows the source of the picture?

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firefox said:
But wait a minute, sounds we're a little off-topic, no?
Yes off-topic - these need moving to an Etsong thread...

Your story seems correct, I have read much the same story but it doesn't explain that new model :confused: I think Erik knows some more...

I hope the new Rover / MG chinese models are more successful than this older chinese one, although this was an Austin originaly not a Rover. There was also an MG version of it.
erik (laofan) said:
Hello Windy, in April 2005 the Etsong website suddenly showed an update of the Lubao.
Two months later the factory was sold to SGM-Wuling.
Thanks Erik, that has puzzled me for a while.

I guess they showed some old pictures which had not been seen before to help sell the factory - Sounds like its well dead now.

Does anyone know if the micro cars that are supposed to be produced there now exist yet and sell?

fightingtorque said:
i drove one once, it was ok, running with a toyota 1.4 engine from faw.
You would have liked the MG turbo version better - that was officialy quicker than some Ferraris when it was launched in 1988!
1 - 4 of 97 Posts
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