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See if you can get the brilliance junjie with the 1.8T engine and manual tranny? I worked on the engine parts development so its got some good bits in and the car looks nice, even though I don't know how it drives.

If you are a driving enthusiast, check out the tianma circuit just outside shanghai where you can turn up and run the car on the track for very little money. Then realise why you would kick yourself if you got an automatic transmission. The traffic is heavy but there are some sports driving opportunities here and there if you look for them, especially if you try hard enough.

tianma's website is somethign like although it's mostly in chinese. for the best footage of what it's like to go round, you know where to look - or hunt me down on youtube .

I've been in shangers for a couple of days this week. Sure has been some road building going on recently.
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