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Citroen C2 looks good and costs under 100,000 - it has some punch too capable of 0 - 100 in under 10 secs. The Roewe 550 basic model also just sneaks into your budget - great looking car (poorly designed interior though). Mazda 3 are nice cars. Suzuki SX4 is fun and personally I like the look of the Cruze (and at around 120,000 it's well within your budget - and it's manual). A basic (manual) Epica is also within your range with discounts.

You've really got a huge choice.

Don't forget you are going to have to add on around 10% with tax / insurance etc. as well as maybe RMB35,000 for your number plate. Even cheap cars aren't cheap here.

BTW - I don't see why driving a manual is so bad in Shanghai (yes, having lived here for 12 years I know there is a little bit of traffic) so long as your clutch is not like a stepper in the gym. Thousands of taxi drivers manage it and on every car I've had here (all but one with auto) I've spent more than 75% of my driving time with the car in 'manual' (as it were).
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