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Humor is a fine line. Lets not forget that one can 'hate' china while not extending that hate to 'chinese' (i know i'm showing my ignorance, a billion and a half people made up of how many ethnic groups???)
I have no fondness of communism or politics of any type.
But, i must commend china on actually being able to make an unworkable system flourish. Westerners have been taught to hate communism yet it appears to be working fine and allowing peasants to prosper in china.
I know, you're gonna say its not true communism. Is the western system true democracy or capitalism?
I will humbly try to temper my remarks in honor to the fine site this has become.

Now hurry up and send the world a reasonably priced and enduring pick up truck that will start in canadian winters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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