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Firstly I'm in Shanghai where the car market is driving me crazy since there's just no help I can find (in English) to help me decide on what car to buy.

As far as Mazda go, I can't find a dealership that can let me test drive a car except for a 30 second straight line then turn around. Does anyone know of any that I can take out on the road? (not Haima)

Secondly, I quite like the 3 but when I see them on the road I think it's a) a nice shape & b) a bit small. Can someone who's got one please give a review of their experience on a 3 "manual".

Thirdly, I came across western reviews of manual 6's with a 2.3 turbo that seemed full of praise in all respects. So I went to find a manual one but as with all cars here I like, they only have automatics (plus it's not turbo ???). I'm not fond of automatics due to the lag, lack of feeling and driver control, costs etc etc. However, a 30 second straight line test with the semi-manual transmission has got me thinking (but would love to try it out on the road to get the true feel of how it feels etc) that I could buy this car - it gives me the feelings of ownership I like whereas the 3 doesn't in any big way.

Can someone please help with a personal review of the 5 door automatic 6 2.3 AT model (the one with 5 doors, skirts, bose sound system etc)

I'd be so thankful for any help/advice from board members on both these cars as I'm just not used to spending this amount of money on something I can't read up about or test out first. I can't rely on western websites as the spec seems to vary so much in so many ways.

I'm looking for info on how they handle/perform, warranty, fuel costs, any running cost differences (inc road charges etc), how the auto box handles when using the "manual" selection.

Basically anything that will help me make a better decision.

Thanks in anticipation - Liam
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