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Polarsun international activities

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PolarSun Light-Duty Passenger Automobile for Angola Police:
On January 10, 2006, Shenyang PolarSun Automobile delivered the first 30 PolarSun Century police automobiles to Angola via Dalian Port.
This is another special-use product for export after developing overseas market successfully by Shenyang PolarSun. The exported PolarSun Century police automobile employs semi-height body, installed with internationally unified police light and specified police marks for the exporting country. The overall automobile is martial and solemn. The police automobile is a small part of purchasing order signed between Angola and PolarSun Automobile.
PolarSun Century of Shenyang PolarSun has formed two series of light-duty passenger automobile and special-purpose automobile of dozen of models. They include van, police automobile, ambulance, post automobile, engineering automobile, armor cash carrier, sanitation quarantine automobile, road administration automobile and etc.
The light-duty passenger automobile of standard configuration launched in Febuary with length 5.02M and height 2.06M is sold at the price of 49980 yuan, which is the lowest price of the same type automobile in China and is the first light-duty passenger automobile with price less than 50000 yuan.
According to introduction, after developing Middle East market successfully, main export object markets are Africa and East Europe in 2006. At that time, PolarSun will build a large number of sales and service centers in scale to reinforce and develop market, meanwhile, it paves market and network for other sequent high end models.

PolarSun Automobile Creating Overseas National Brand:
Undergoing more than 3 years’ automobile manufacturing experience, PolarSun Automobile creates many spotlights: for overseas market, after PolarSun light-duty passenger exported to Kuwait in 2004, its market was expanded to six countries in Gulf area; for domestic market, PolarSun develops market in Zhujiang Delta, Yangtze Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and etc., with outstanding achievements; purchasing from rescuing organization, taxation authorities, road administration, public security bureau, procuratorate, court, judicial department and etc. is increasing, meanwhile, it puts its market into county area; practical model of PolarSun Century with almost two times of carriage space of micro-passenger automobile, high quality and high standard discharge and price less than 50 thousand makes it occupy micro-passenger market. Many spotlights make PolarSun increase by 311.34% with a reduction 4.53% in average of the industry compared to 2005. On April, 17, the correspondent came to PolarSun Automobile for interviewing. When talking about the causes for PolarSun’s success, spokesman of PolarSun Automobile said, PolarSun was still a new force in automobile manufacturing field, and needed more exploration and experience; facing constant changes in China’s automobile market, PolarSun employed the development strategy of consolidating step by step and stable development, innovation and defeating by a surprised action.
“PolarSun Mode” standing in China and facing to the outside world
Benefited from successful experience from international automobile part market in the past years, PolarSun Automobile made great efforts in overseas market at the beginning. As it entered automobile industry, PolarSun set up automobile R& D centers in Los Angeles and Detroit in America, which employ famous automobile experts from America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan of China to take charge of product research and development to make PolarSun have more sensitive antenna in product research and development. In China, PolarSun Automobile establishes PolarSun Shanghai Automobile R& D Center and PolarSun Shenyang Automobile R& D Center. PolarSun Shanghai Automobile R& D Center is responsible for domestic supporting engineering for automobiles designed abroad, and Shenyang Automobile R& D Center is responsible for technology guarantee and service at production site. Such unique mode is called “PolarSun Mode” by experts.
Talking about “PolarSun Mode”, spokesman of PolarSun Automobile said, industrial chain of automobile is too long, and production is only a process. During the whole process, R& D and sales are very important, therefore, we pay much focus on R& D.
Synchronized “presales” service worldwide
PolarSun Automobile was founded not too long, however, it achieves a great success in overseas market. In June, 2005, it was exported to Middle East with 305 light-duty passenger automobiles, which creates the record of maximum single export for light-duty passenger automobile; in February this year, PolarSun ranks No.3 with sales of 628 PolarSun Century light-duty passenger automobiles. At present, PolarSun has more than 80 level I dealers, over 200 dealing places and almost 200 authorized service centers; in overseas market, PolarSun has set up a sales network covering Kuwait, United Arabic Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, Angola, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine and other Asian, African and European countries. In addition, PolarSun established European Sales Preparation Center in Rotterdam in Holand, which prepare for market access of following models. Export goal of single model in 2006 for PolarSun is 3000.
PolarSun Automobile advocates “presales service for sales”, which paves the way for export. According to different requirements of overseas customers, PolarSun Automobile makes customers from different areas enjoy the same quality by adjusting details.
Be powerful in China and other countries
It is a key year for PolarSun in 2006. The year is for PolarSun Automobile to improve brand and increase sales. It is said that there will be several models to be launched in 2006, which may be SUV and MPV of PolarSun features. In Beijing Automobile Exhibition at the second half of this year, there will be 6-8 new models to be exhibited, which are representative models upon market demand.
Facing wide automobile market in China, as an up-and-coming youngster, spokesman of PolarSun said, it should be “to be huge and powerful” in China. The first thing is increase sales, increasing product coverage and market share. In the first quarter of this year, sales of PolarSun light-duty passenger automobile increase by 78% than that of the same period last year, ranking No.4 in sales of light-duty passenger automobile. Sales of light-duty passenger automobile for PolarSun in 2006 are thousand automobile. Secondly, make the enterprise powerful. PolarSun acknowledges that light-duty passenter automobile is not their key point, but self-supported R& D and manufacturing automobile models for home and business use with self-owned intelligence property and brand.
Development strategy in overseas market differs from the strategy “to be huge and powerful” in China. In overseas market, the development strategy is to “powerful first, huge second”, namely, survive in local market, then expand it.
Although it is only three years PolarSun entered material sales, at the beginning, it took “to be a national brand which is transmitted worldwide” as its idea and it grows faster.
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wow thats good, they got a gov't contract with whole country of angola for police cars

very good for polarsun
Fakhro Motors launches Polarsun vans

Fakhro Motors, the authorised distributors of Polarsun Automobiles in Bahrain, has announced the launch of Polarsun cargo and mini vans in the Kingdom.

Polarsun Motor Holdings with auto manufacturing history and experience of 50 years is an auto manufacturing company approved by national development and reform commission.

The company is engaged in manufacturing and developing passenger cars (light buses, MPVs, SUVs) and commercial vehicles as well as fitting parts.

The Polarsun vehicles have already been launched successfully in Kuwait and UAE, said a top official.

Fakhro Motors had recently acquired the authorised distributorship for Polarsun Automobiles for the Bahrain market.

“After thorough market study and analysis we decided to launch the Polarsun cargo and mini vans in Bahrain. These vehicles are not only economical and robust but also safe and apt for companies staff transportation,' said Mohammed Fakhro, director business development, Abdulla Yousif Fakhro & Sons.

'These vehicles are built with Japanese technology and confirm to all the GCC specifications catering to the target end users. After its launch in UAE and Kuwait, we believed Bahrain was the next appropriate market to launch,' he added.

“Fakhro Motors has entered the automotive retailing business and Polarsun is our first step. The vehicle sales are supported by the state of art workshop and part centre in Khamis which will provide efficient after sales service,' added Jacob Thomas, general manager, Fakhro Motors.

'We are confident that these vehicles will soon become the first choice of various businesses and organisations in Bahrain,” he added.-TradeArabiaNewsService
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Polarsun buses drive in with price advantage in Nigeria Africa market

Friday, June 6, 2008
By Moses Akaigwe ([email protected])

In the auto market, any dealership that has competitive prices, good quality vehicles and reliable after-sales network, as factors interplaying in his favour, will definitely make lot of impact. Interestingly, all these are what a new motor company, Emel Automobiles Nigeria Limited, is banking on to endear its Chinese brands of vehicles to the Nigerian market.

Emel made a debut at the Eagle Square – venue of the recent 10th Abuja International Motor Show – with Lifan 520 sedan and a mini bus called Polarsun. The duo attracted a stream of visitors into the company’s stand while the fair lasted, with a good number of them excited to hear that the vehicles have competitively prices, despite being basically products of Japanese engineering concept.

He confirmed that many units of Lifan and Polarsun were sold on the fair ground, disclosing that Emel Automobiles has been collaborating with banks, including Intercontinental, ECOBANK and Bank PHB, to provide buyers with finance schemes which enable them own the vehicles without paying the entire price at once, but are rather spread out for them over many months.

Emel, which ventured into auto marketing about one year ago, has a network of after-sales service back-up with workshops at Warri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Aba, Benin, Abeokuta and Ibadan , as well as adequate stocks of replacement parts.
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Bangkok Post, Motoring section

Friday, November 28, 2008


This Chinese maker wants to steal shares from the van segment dominated by sub-B1m models like the Kia Pregio, Nissan Urvan and Toyota Hiace. The Century has a 104hp 2.2-litre petrol engine with prices starting at B599,000.

(my opinions: That is a very good price (price of new Urvan or new Hiace are around 750000 to more than 1000000 baht). But Thailand is a Japanese-car country, and this model is using (old version of) Hiace's body, so I think Polarsun may not success about selling this model in Thailand.)
This company seems to operate in the background of China's auto industry. Despite their export foray into many countries, and their numerous representative offices outside China, we rarely see any production or sales figures, or press coverage in general. Perhaps it's financed by the big Norstar Auto parts co.
polarsun will probably stop manufacturing its own brand and manufacture under the main brand i think since we dotn hear much from it
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