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Poor Workmanship - Hubei Chusheng Special Purpose Vehicles Co.; Ltd

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Hubei Chuesheng Special Purpose Vehicle Co.; Ltd lacks the quality assurance that is needed if they want to compete and continue exporting Special Purpose built vehicles outside the region. Gone are the days of producing substandard SP vehicles with inferior materials and piss poor workmanship and expecting the the client to accept. These difficult times require value for money. I have personally been disappointed by the lack of customer attention of C.E.E.C or H.C.S.P.V have displayed ...... fail to return emails or calls and provide a refund.

I can provide pics of examples of poor workmanship from the above..... anyone wishing to see poor workmanship firsthand can contact me [email protected]
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. What type of vehicle is it? What were the problem areas?
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