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Porsche in China

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I'm surprised no one even thought of Porsche was in China, so here we go. Porsche sell four models in China: Boxster, Cayman, 911 and the Cayenne.

Price: RMB912,000 for manual, RMB961,500 for PDK gearbox (flappy paddle?)

Boxster S
Price: RMB912,000 for manual, RMB961,500 for PDK

Price: RMB729,000 for manual, RMB778,500

Cayman S
Price: RMB1,011,000 for manual, RMB1,060,500 for PDK gearbox
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911 Carrera
Price: RMB1,317,000 for manual, RMB1,376,000 for PDK

911 Carrera S
Price: RMB1,459,000 manual, RMB1,518,000 PDK

911 Carrera Cabriolet
Price: RMB1,601,000 manual, RMB1,660,000 for PDK (Includes S models)

911 Carrera 4
Price: RMB1,558,000 manual, RMB1,617,000 PDK
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911 Carrera Targa 4
Price: RMB1,515,000 manual, RMB1,574,000 PDK
S Models: RMB1,657,000 manual, RMB1,716,000 PDK

(S model shown)

911 Turbo
Price: RMB2,155,000 manual, RMB2,204,500 PDK
Cabriolet: RMB2,297,000 manual, RMB2,346,500

911 GT2
Price: RMB3,300,000
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Porsche Panmaera spotted testing in Shanghai:

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Porsche also decided to prepare special edition car for China. 911 Turbo S 10 Years Anniversary Edition celebrates Porsche selling cars in China since 2001. Porsche will only make 10 cars. The vehicle is painted in Gold Bronze Metallic, the mirrors and bootlid are made from carbon fiber.

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that's actually really interesting! had no idea...
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