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Powerful return of Chinese cars with a new strategy

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Before examining the possibility of Chinese cars returning to the Iranian market, let us make an introduction in this regard. With the withdrawal of the United States from Borjam, many companies suspended their economic relations with the Iranian domestic market for fear of new sanctions. Meanwhile, the share of foreign car companies was more prominent; Because during a period of about three years, the Iranian car industry suffered the most severe pressures. However, signals of improvement are now being seen.

The US withdrawal from the UN Security Council as an international treaty also affected its allies; In other words, in those days, without new sanctions being formally imposed on Iran, foreign companies traveled.

Due to the close political and economic relationship between Iran and China and similar positions towards the United States, it was expected that the country's automakers would be immune to these international developments. This estimate was somewhat correct; But it was not very stable; Because the Chinese partners of Iran's major automakers such as Haima, Changan and Berlians also left the calm market of Iran's turbulent market.

But in the meantime, something special was taking shape. Chinese car brands that worked with private companies in Iran were in a much better position, and of course they are. It is not true that sanctions have been ineffective in this small part of the market; Because of the restrictions on financial transfers, the properties also had some difficulty in meeting their obligations; But these challenges have never been and are not comparable to state-owned companies.

In fact, observers believe that private companies have shown little cooperation with Chinese car companies due to their economic discipline and agile management structure. The daily struggle and constant bearing of pressure from large Chinese companies due to economic cooperation with large Iranian economic enterprises has exhausted their strength. That is why now the big and small car manufacturers of this country intend to return to the Iranian car market by changing their strategy, but this time through the private car manufacturers, they have the domestic market.
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