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Very interesting article.....

But Admin I'm surprised that you started a new thread on CHAMCO, the would-be importer of Zhongxing.

Just last Saturday a thread was started by Ash entitled
"New Jersey company plans to sell Zhongxing in US by 2008"

Anyway I was surprised to see that one, Chamco is not displaying those models at the show in the lobby like Geely did last year. I had read they might do it. And two that unlike Changfeng, Zhongxing is not displaying their own vehicle as a vehicle manufacturer.

Awhile back Zhongxing had also signed a memorandum of agreement with a Honda dealer on the west coast, for exclusive distribution rights, but I haven't heard anything about that deal advancing further.

Now I am anxious to see those (self-developed?) sedan and crossover models that Zhongxing plans to introduce in the future.
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