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pseudonym origins

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Since some people have already given out information about themselves, while others have posted pictures of their cars, so I thought it would be nice to learn more about the origin of our respected alter egos in order to better understand each other. As everyone knows my name reflects my internists in computers and shows my lack of creativity, while fightingtorque's name shows his interest in cars and performance, while Real_I_Hate_China shows his hatred of all things Chinese, so whats the origins of your identity?
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good thread dos, my name is pretty simple...short for my name
but to analyze others, we could think of..
raul - is probably his name, no meaning
windy - maybe he likes speed and racing, or he lives in the windy hills
edge - maybe he likes rock, or maybe he always has an edge
erik - is probably his name
pokershark -maybe he considers himself a poker expert
andy - probably his name..
dragin - maybe he likes being chinese dragon, dont know why dragIN?
hazik - probably his name
just in case you ppl dont know my name gr8 if you pronounce it as gr-eight, its suppost to sound like great. :cool:
My first name is Alex and an anagram of that is Axle.
dragon is the year in which I was born, according to the Chinese zodiac, and dragging, like drifting, is one of the motorsports in which I am interested.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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