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Hi ,

I haven't posted in a while , I am sorry , but I was away .. with my engagement and all :D

anyways , I was thinking recently of replacing my old dying Nokia 6681 with a new stylish phone ( STYLISH is important )

and as I see my options , I was thinking of getting a Samsung U700 phone which is super stylish and has all the features that I want (Costs $485)

until one day i was sitting at a cafe ... suddenly a very VERY VERY LOUD song ( Mariah carey or something ) started to play ! it was so loud to an extent that I called the waiter to tell him to reudce the volume ( I thought it was the background music ).

To my amazment it was some Dudes cell phone ringing ! but it was TERRBILY annoying ( LOUD ) anyways I happened to know theguy .. took the phone for a while to see it ...

my amazement was it had no real brand on it only some ( OOO6OOO ) cirlces in the middle , he told me it is called N*Star E61 ( Which is a CLONE of the Nokia E61 ) .. Knowing the Chinese car buisness :D I had no surprise !!
on the back cover it has a Windows MOBILE logo cut-out .. but I was 100% sure it has no windows. . just some cheap MP4 player software !! and I was correct .

anyways I honestly liked the phone for its features -- ( 3G / 2 Sim cars / 2mp camera / VERY LOUD ringtones / Stylus / TouchScreen QVGA )

and how much did it cost ?? $150Now He told me there's alot more than this one .. with Iphone clones ... n73/n95..

and they are available here ( in Egypt )

are these things worth the try ? I am not really into mobile quality or etc .. I just want a good looking phone that will call / recieve calls // take medium pictures and SOUND LOUD :D ..( its not a car after all :D no crash tests :p )

So do these things LAST ??

Thanks in advance .
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