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Questions about Nanjing

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OVer the past 6 months I have become very interest in the Chinese auto market. Manufacturers such as Cherry, Geeley and recently SAIC have been stealing the spot light. With all the excitement surrounding these companies I find it strange that Nanjing is not mentioned in the same breath. After all they were successful in purchasing MG ROVERS assets. They are the only Chinese auto company with the proven technology to achieve immediate success in the western world. They are also one of China’s oldest and more establish auto companies. One can’t help but to compare them to Toyota. Steady, consistent and grounded. They seem to have qualities that suggest they may be around for a long time.
What do you guys think?

Side note: Any information on the importers they will use for the Spanish and English market?
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They are also one of the few Chinese Auto companies to have experience outside of China, with joint ventures worldwide over many years, an auto factory in Russia and now their own factory in England (do they need an importer to import to England?)

They don't need to be in the spotlight at the moment, their new range of cars is not ready but the press in their first markets is taking an significant interest and most importantly appear to be supporting them.

Unlike SAIC who are still relying on their joint ventures with western Auto companies, Nanjing have sorted out funding to concentrate on their own product, they seem well organised with the right people in the right places, have some experience of export and with the Nanjing UK company are now genuinly international rather than just a Chinese exporter.

As their Chairman Mr Wang said about the MG project:
"We have to fight to win or die, there are no other options."

I think they will win :thumb:

PS. Welcome - and where are you from?
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Thanks for your post, you seem to know a lot about Nanjing.
I am actually Spanish but I'm currently living in California. I know that MG Nanjing will be introducing vehicles into the Spanish market some time in 2007. Since I will be moving back home soon I'm interested in buying one.

Do you have any idea where I could get some spy pic of the new designed MG's?
gabassad said:
Do you have any idea where I could get some spy pic of the new designed MG's?
You would have to break into the offices of Arup in Solihull, England! When you get them, post them up here!

The only spy pics about so far are ones using old MGR bodies to test new engines etc.

Nanjing keep putting the old cars on show though, here is one of their latest pictures:
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Nanya is still on sale?....Don´t remember exactly the name, but derived od the Ibiza MkI
a listed company or not?

I read the news about Nanjing Automobile's takeover of Rover. I would like to know whether Nanjing Automobile is a listed company or not? Thanks;)
welcome to chinacarforums concertinosu :)

and nanjing auto (nanqi) is not a listed company i dont think on the US markets...

but might be listed in the HK or shanghai markets...not sure though

but I can't find Nanqi in Shanghai or Hong Kong stock market (maybe I missed it). I think Nanqi is an old and big automaker in China, so I'm surprised that it is not a listed company.

I believe it is owned by the goverment of Jiangsu Province and is not listed. Neither does it have any plans to be listed.
well rarely do big companies stay nanjing does grow in the next few years and move abroad..they will surely start a ipo..but time will tell
MG dealership

Hi guys

do you know a contact to became MG dealer?

it's difficult to understand who call to give and introduction.

many thaks!:thumb:
Not sure outside the UK.
But in the UK:
Merritts of Amersham
Aylesbury Luffield Cars, Loughborough
SMC Group, Hillingdon
Holden in Norwich
Kerridges of Needham Market
Mantles of Royston
Perkins of Rayne
Startins Group, Malvern
Souls of Olney and Milton Keynes
North City Auto’s in Chingford
Thomas Day of Fleet (Hampshire)
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ok thanks

but i mea from the manufacturer for italy
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