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Ok I'll start with a little intro. I live in the U.S. and I drive a 2010 Honda Fit Base model (GE8) with a 1.5L stock engine but the car is slightly mod, Lowering springs, xxr wheels, Sport wing, Rear wiper delete, Legend Brakes, Short shifter and a few other little thing.

Now that the intro is out of the way I need some help. I learned that the 5th gen City comes with a L15A7 (the same engine at the GE8) as well as the R18A

I'm looking for the part number for the engine mounts and subframe on both of these engines. Since the City and Fit share the same chassis (or so I'm told) I would like to up grade to the R18.

Reason why I want to go with the R18

1) Maybe a bolt in swap

2) Super cheaper, easier to do then a K swap

3) R18 has a little more support then the L15 here in the states

4) even if I keep it stock it will make the Fit even more fun to drive.

So please help me out here.

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