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Race car (Noble) to China ?

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I am moving to Beijing. Can I bring my race car?

It's a Noble M400

No. I bet. What if I keep it only at the track? Is there
a track in Beijing? What would it cost to kee[ it stabled
out there.
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welcome to China Car Forums M400! Yes you can bring your car, you might have to pay some high frieght and tax on it and there are racing tracks in beijing, "China Lewis" on here i think is in beijink from austrailia or uk,,, and hes into motorsports and is active there i think

OK that is a link to one of the race events for the
fireball race in south africa.

That was just a warmup lap, and I had a spectator
with a cellphone camera.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I need some money for petrol........does anyone want to chip in
for a chance to drive around the local track?
pity you are not coming to Zhuhai. I could get plenty of petrol heads willing to help in Shenzhen or Zhuhai. The track at Zhuhai holds the FIA GT round in china.
Did I forget to say that I was on my way to ZUHAI ??

Shoot. Must be my old age.

I just have to make a stop in Beijing for the Olympics.

This info must be on the net, but there are endless dead ends
of companies that "don't actually ship", and "can't help with
the logistics". I own the twenty foot container, but need a company
to pick up the container and put in the car, and know where
the ship would be in Durban, South Africa. And when it gets to
China,,,,,,,,,is that steering wheel going to cause trouble ?

Any Help ?

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Nice cars those Noble M400's.
I have driven both the M12 3R and the M400 on a track day. Very impressive corner grip and direction change in the chicanes.
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