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hey fightingtorque,,,thanks for the links...some nice ones..are you a chery moder in china?

fightingtorque said: shanghai tianma circuit. 2km long, twisty but you can hit about 120-130kph in a reasonable 1600cc car, check for video.

organised days, plus on most days you can pay 100rmb for 25 mins free practising. also has off road course. - beijing area. never been there. similar size to tianma. also has off road course. zhuhai circuit close to guangzhou. never been there, it's quite a big circuit, theoretically F1 standard.

Shanghai F1 circuit - may have some track days this year but not announced yet.

Also there is karting in the big cities , internet search should show it up.

If you can read chinese, try and go the the FB section to see what is going on.


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