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erik (laofan) said:
Hello Admin,

I think it is now time to stop this Real Hate man. I have decided not to join this forum anymore as long as our poisoned mate is allowed to spread his nonsense. It is a coward (he was challenged to join us by King-of-Hill in the What kind of person are you-thread, but he is not even reacting). Only spreading his anti-Chinese poison. He is selling nonsense, like "VW will sue" not knowing where he is talking about.
Sorry, on this level with such threads I don't think I can contribute with any quality: he is disturbing to much.
ok ill give him a warning, the reason i didnt ban him upto now was that he had few posts that weere very informative and he shows the other perspective of chinese cars (negative one)

also i warned him that he should always display sources of information when he posts negative things as such.

Erik, the problem with banning him is that he is stating his opinion and not making direct hateful comments,
and he the only one on the board with a negative bias, so it sort of balances the conversations..

If there are any threads/posts that u seem very unacceptable pls notify me, and i will delete those threads/posts

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