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real I hate this man

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Hello Admin,

I think it is now time to stop this Real Hate man. I have decided not to join this forum anymore as long as our poisoned mate is allowed to spread his nonsense. It is a coward (he was challenged to join us by King-of-Hill in the What kind of person are you-thread, but he is not even reacting). Only spreading his anti-Chinese poison. He is selling nonsense, like "VW will sue" not knowing where he is talking about.
Sorry, on this level with such threads I don't think I can contribute with any quality: he is disturbing to much.
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about real..

Thanks Admin, sorry about the outburst, but when I see four threads in a row from "Real" and all without a real based point of view, but just some unproven remarks, than there is sometimes a moment when it is too much. We try to take each other seriously, whatever we are from or whatever we know or have to say, and I like that very much. So it is difficult when there is for instance someone who is saying: "Unfortunately, most Chinese cars have a designed life span of half that". (he means most Chinese cars don't reach the 50.000 kms. That is nonsense which he can't prove and in fact, just isn't true. Just saying something negative for the fun of saying something negative. Like 9 year old kids do. Don't approve with daddy or mommy and you are a very big guy!)
But ok, I hope your official warning will help a bit and keep him more low profile, so we can stand him.
Thanks, I will stay, of course.
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