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Should Real_I_hate_China be allowed back?

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CaymanS said:
I agree his username is racist to a great extent. However, I still don't know why you guys are negating him when usually he posts actual facts related to Chinese vehicles. He occasionally posts some racist remarks against Chinese which is profane already, but usually to retailiate to another member who has commented negatively of Koreans.

It seems many members here get very emotional when he posts up threads of news articles which talk about the Chinese cars' poor qualities or the everyday copying we see in some automakers. I remember he posted a thread of the Chevy Spark at the top in JD Power Survey while the Chery QQ was at the bottom and some Chinese car-faithfuls started retailiating negatively on Korean cars and defacing him for posting articles that portray Chinese automakers badly. Then, someone brings up the "Look at his username, that's why he's posting articles like this" and things get heated up.

I see no reason why he should've been banned and I see complete lunatics in every forum I encountered. Go to GMInsideNews and threads will be filled with comments defacing Toyota and even one member has a signature tagged "MEMBER OF I'M NOT BUYING A JAPANESE CAR". You guys seem to take it as a surprise. If you see he should be banned, since I'm not an authority here, be fair and ban the members who do the same to Koreans.
Fine, let's have a final vote to let him back or not.
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