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Should Real_I_hate_China be allowed back?

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It seems obvious to me that we should let him back.

Personally, I don't feel offended by his name. His name is used to describe himself, not Chinese people. So it's a problem of him, not mine. The name helps others to tell who he is. If he makes some unfair comments, peopel all know those are made by a China-hater, and people won't take it seriously. The name is not good for himself, because it hurts his credibility.

Secondly, there are many people out there thinking and talking like RIHC. Among them are prospective customers. They do have good points, even though sometimes have false information. We should listen to them, and learn how they think. If you could convince RIHC to buy a Chinese car, you could convince anyone.

Lastly, particularly to his Korean identity, we must make Koreans our allies instead of enemies, even though some of them hold grudge toward China. We are confident and strong enough to offord the cost of having some China haters. China is to play a bigger game.
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