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It's nice to hear that the Shanghai show was such a success........even with the reported problems that were posted on another thread in the forum. China's importance in the world auto market IS growing - and growing quickly. I hope that the leaders involved in organizing the Shanghai show are pleased with the success of the show, but I ALSO hope they learn from some of the mistakes that we unfortunately had to read about as well.

Speaking of all the new cars......................where are the pics of them???? I haven't seen ANY pics of some of these new fuel cell cars from Chery and SAIC........and wasn't Chery ALSO going to show the new QQ5 (S21)??? How about some nice pics of the new Brilliance A1 (I've seen single shots on other websites..........a REALLY nice looking car with a starting price of 75,000rmb)?? I've seen ENOUGH pics of scantily clad models - how about showing me (us) some of the NEW CARS????????????:nod:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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