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Regulator on watch for illegal ‘killer taxis’


PANEL vans converted to “killer taxis” must be declared unlawful, say authorities.

“It is time for the regulator to crack a whip,” National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) acting chief executive Moses Moeletsi told a media briefing in Pretoria.

He said the NRCS had requested an urgent meeting with the Transport Department to prioritise the fast-tracking of a law making conversions that did not meet specifications illegal.

“There is a time-bomb about to explode out there. Some of the taxis that are on the street are posing a major threat to the well- being of South Africans,” he said.

Routine inspections had found that once converted into taxis, the vehicles no longer met the requirements and specifications.

So far about three companies that did the conversions had been identified in Durban and Cape Town. The regulator would also be clamping down on some Chinese imported vehicles which did not meet South African standards.

“What has been approved is not what is in the market-place.” The vehicles were the x-S (double and single cabs) and the Hafei Loda.
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