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It seems Chery are planning on updating the Chery QQ, which is getting a bit long in the tooth now, with a fresher model that has both the coolness of the Chery A1 and the cuteness of the QQ.

As these are spy shots, details are still slim pickings but we’ve heard there is a choice of 1.1, 1.3, and 1.4 engines and even 1.0/1.3l diesel variants, all of the models will be paired to a manual/automatic gear box. Chery may also have coupe, and SUV variants of the QQ under development.

China Car Times


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Article about new QQ on China Car Times:

The QQ2 shares some exterior design elements with its big brother, the Chery A1. The similarities dont end with the exterior design, the chassis is also the A1’s according to our sources. The A1 is an excellent little motor with an excellent interior (odd clanging noise when you close the doors though) for its price range, the interior on this though.
Down to the ultra basics on the dash, just the gear stick, a large lump of plastic with a speedo/odometer on it and either a cassette player from Cherys old stock room, or a CD player. This QQ2 is so bare bones, it doesn’t even have a glove box (although we’re sure the Chery design team will factor one in to the design before production begins)

The QQ2 will be 3600cm long, 1600cm wide, 1550cm tall - so it really is a micro car. The QQ2 has also been mated to a range of engines, including an 800cc, a 1.1, and a 1.3.

The QQ2 was designed by Torino design, who were also responsible for some of the other models in the Chery portfolio, namely the Shooting Star, the Fengyun coupe, and the Tiggo SUV. The QQ2 will come with both 3 door, and 5 door models both in saloon and hatchback styles. Chery also plan to really work the QQ range over the next few months, we’ve heard of plans for a QQ 1, this QQ2, new QQ3, QQ5, QQ6, QQ coupe, and a QQ SUV.

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