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"The F0 is a small car and not expensive. For the money, it is not bad. But the problem is the interior is very barren. For the performance, it reacted to the turns very quickly. The acceleration is not much. The braking is the biggest problem. The brake engages immediately, but it took a long distance for the car to stop. Overall, the F0 was a good car if I was going to buy a car for city driving. For the F3, the interior is very, very plain. The sounding and acoustics are so much better than the F0. But the handling is not better than the F0. The gearbox is easy for me to find the five gears, but I cannot feel the engine when I start the car. The pickup is slow. I can feel it there but it never goes fast. But the braking is better than the F0. I think the F3’s problem is everything is just ok. Nothing is great. It is like you pay more money but just get yourself a bigger version of the F0.

For the F6, I was really impressed. I really like it. It has three–tone colors inside. The seat is really large and comfortable. Adjusting the mirror and everything is very, very easy. The turning feels good. The car responded well. And the gearbox is very nice. If it is in the market, it would be one of my top picks. The only problem is the F6 does not have a lot of pickup. It needs more reaction. When you push the gas pedal, there is a lag. It doesn’t go right away. I think the biggest difference among the three cars is how solid the car feels."

What did other 6 test drivers say? Check more here:

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