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Road tests are feasible in China?

My name is Bruno Labrie, an automobile columnist (blog writer) for, a French Internet blog with focus on the automobile industry. So, as a tourist, I plan a trip to China and I planned to stop in Beijing for 10 days. During this period, I would like to verify the possibility to make a test drive (road test) of a China vehicle in around Beijing.

Specifically, my questions are:
1- This project is it conceivable in China?
2- What can I expect?
3- If so, did you do someone a contact person?
4- If you have already done, is what you can describe your experience?

In fact, I publish for The Social Media Group, a publishing company based in Paris (France) with edit 20 Internet publications with focus on the automobile industry with the flagship publication .LeBlogAuto is considerate as a large international French Internet publication with over 3 million pages impressions and over one million unique visitors per month (statistic from Mediametrie inc. for October 2007). We write various news about the automobile industry; roads tests, financials news, prototype, scoop, auto shows, design, breaking news, new models, etc. We are also present in auto shows, included Detroit, Paris, Frankfort, Tokyo and Geneve.

As a journalist, I am personally accredited to road tests in Canada for Volvo, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Thanks for your help.

Bruno Labrie

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Bruno, because of the Great (fire)Wall you won't get much exposure for your planned project, among Chinese manufacturers here on this forum. What I would suggest is that you go to and search individual company contact information there.
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