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S-KinG MOTORS INTERNATIONAL was born with the aim of bringing to the majority the innovative automotive technology reserved for a minority.

S-KinG MOTORS INTERNATIONAL is an automobile solution company based on renewable energy. It is a member of SK- INGENIOUS LTD which is a consortium of R&D Company, OEM and ODM factories based in Africa, China, Hong Kong and the US.

We have been researching renewable energy since 2009 and working on electricity power saving systems, solar systems more adapted to high daylight areas, inverters and other solar powered products. A new solution was found based on the solar system configuration suitable for the countries where daylight is more than 5 hours thus opening another avenue to innovate and impact the electric automotive industries. Our partnership with some great industries has helped us continue to grow and allowed us to develop our models of electric and solar vehicles.

We developed smart and light assembly line technology for our partners who are not only buyers and consumers, but also proprietors with their own assembly factories for which they receive company sponsored training and equipment.


Electric solar motorcycles



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